October 11, 2012

Photo Making with Miss Myanmar 2012: Nang Khin Zay Yar

Here is the Photo Making Video with Model Nann Khin Zayar, Miss Myanmar 2012 Winner. The "Miss Myanmar Contest 2012" was held on March 25, 2012 at Myanmar Convention Center (MCC), Yangon. Nann Khin Zayar entered the Contest with Contestant Number 15 and won the frist prize "Miss Myanmar International 2012" title award. She is currently assigned as a tourism Ambassador of Myanmar.

Photo Making Video - Miss Myanmar 2012 နန္းခင္ေဇယ်ာ

Photo Making Video - Miss Myanmar 2012 Nang Khin Zay Yar


Video of MyanmarCelebrity.Com



  1. Official links : To vote for Miss Myanmar International 2012 (Nang Khin Zayar)


  2. Nang khin Zayar in Miss International 2012 's picture


  3. ႐ိုး႐ိုးသားသားၾကိဳးၾကိဳးစားစား နဲ ကိုယ္ထူးကိုယ္ခြၽန္ျပီး ရဲရင့္ထက္ျမတ္တဲ ညီမေလး ေအာင္ျမင္ပါေစ
    ဘဝမွာ ကိုယ္က်င့္တရားေကာင္းမြန္ျပီး ဂုဏ္ သိကာၡ ရွိစြာ ရပ္တည္ႏိုင္ပါေစ

  4. Many people across nations are saying followings:
    1. Miss Myanmar is not beautiful.
    2 Even Miss Korea is much better than Miss Myanmar.
    3. Myanmar people are racist, ethnocentric, and egotistic----Myanmar people complaining the Miss International Admin for not having pictures of Miss Myanmar.

    Responses from Internationals are:
    1. It's not amount of time she devoted in photo shoots that count.
    2. It's the time that she devotes that counts.
    3. Yelping across facebook and other media sites for Miss International does not count.


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